The facilities

Our garden measures about 5.000 square metres and offers lots of space to relax and to play for all ages. There are several picnic tables around the garden for all guests to eat and drink outside.
Our property is fully fenced and save for kids to play. We have a big trampoline, a real pirate playground with slide and swing and a lot of space to play soccer or badminton...

Our beautiful old barn

Our big barn offers a lot of space for everyone. We use the hall in the middle as a big shared space to play and to relax. During the summerperiod the barn stays really fresh even when it's hot outside.There is an indoor playground for the kids (and adults of course) with table-tennis, table-soccer, a big table to draw and play games and of course lots of toys, playmobil, lego etc. In the corner we installed a library with several books and magazines surrounded by a big couch.