Le Puy du Fou

Why you should definitely visit Le Puy du Fou?

Le Puy du Fou has been voted the most beautiful theme park in the world. It is not a typical amusement park as we know them elseware.  There are no roller coasters and other fast or thrilling rides. The parc consists of different shows, each telling a different story with actors, music, animals, beautiful sets and costumes. In each show there are different special effects that ensure that they are true spectacles. We have been there several times with our children and Le Puy du Fou continues to amaze us.

What are the best shows in le Puy du Fou ?

Our kids don't have to think long about what is your favorite attraction in Le Puy du Fou. The Vikings (Les Vikings) are at the top, closely followed by The secret of the lance (Le secret de la lance) and the Gallo-Roman arena (Le Signe du Triomphe). The mystery of the Perugia (Le Mystère de La Pérouse) is also very high on the favorites list for mom and dad. The shows last about half an hour on average and what is certainly an advantage of the parc Puy du Fou is that it is relatively small in terms of surface, so that the distances to be covered between the different shows are not too long.

Why stay near Les Sables d'Olonne when visiting le Puy du Fou?

From our gîtes at Le Pré d'Olonne in L'Île d'Olonne it is only an hour's drive to the park Puy du Fou. With a backpack full of a picnic for the afternoon, it is perfectly doable to go up and down to le Puy du Fou for a day. That way you can combine a visit to this beautiful park with a wonderful beach holiday on the Atlantic coast.

To get the most out of your day visit, it is smart to check the descriptions and schedule of the shows in advance on the site of Le Puy du Fou. That way you can plan in which order you will watch the shows so that you can do as many as possible in 1 day.